Spiritual Energy Healing with
The Lord's Prayer


Spiritual Energy Healing with The Lord's Prayer: King James Version
Two CD Set - Blessed Body CD1 & Blessed Prayer/Music CD2

A great gift for a woman or man

CD1 - Blessed Body Treatment
Give yourself a guided hands-on treatment
for stress reduction and rejuvenation. The hands-on healing positions with soothing music inspired by Gregorian Chant enable you to listen comfortably and deeply to the divine and eternal truths of our Lordís Prayer.

You receive:

* precise hand placements
* information and affirmations at each
hand position
* deep prayer - we recite the King
James version of the Prayer
* healing and soothing music inspired
by Gregorian Chant - seven different
melodies were developed to
specifically relax and revitalize your
body and mind.

CD2 - Blessed Prayer/Music
[Listen to a Sample]
The Gregorian-Chant-inspired Prayer/Music CD is relaxing and uplifting. The Lord's Prayer is spoken three times with the above Healing Music at all the major centers of the body. Treatment Instructions are contained within the cover insert. Playing it at home or work will remind you of the deep renewal you experienced with the Blessed Body CD.

ďAs I listened to the Lordís Prayer and became silent, a gentle rhythm swept through my body, and my two weeks of fatigue and stress were washed away by radiant energy.
This CD is divinely inspired.Ē


Developing the Music
More Information

Original Soundtrack
by Kristopher Stone