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Developing the Music


Twenty years ago I attended a meditation course in hands-on healing with the Lord's Prayer. This is a known metaphysical concept. Louis Savary in the 1980"s did a beautiful meditation with the Lord's Prayer to bell tones keyed to the chakras. As luck would have it, I did not hear his work until mine was finished.

Anyway, I adapted the Lord's Prayer to the Reiki Hand positions and placed it in my book Reiki- Healing Yourself & Others, A Photo-Instructional Art Book on page 61. I would often treat myself at home and my students in classes to the Lord's Prayer with the Reiki hand positions. I thought It would be simple to make a Cd for the general public.

I wrote the text and a modern rendition of the prayer and then I asked Kristopher if he would do music similar to Gregorian Chants. That was no small feat, since this kind of chanting is vocal and without a set rhythm. It takes years for monks to master this style of inspired singing.

I also wanted seven unique melodies each keyed to that area of the body.

So Kristopher began. In the Lord's Prayer CD's each chakra or different position on the body, now has a chant that is in a key known to stimulate and effect that area of the body; at the same time you are opening that part of your body with your hands and reciting the Lord's Prayer appropriate to that center - a triple whammy.

Kristopher's first attempts were beautiful but all in one key. His
second attempts were also beautiful but after treating with them. I felt that they were too repetitive and did not have enough breath in them for me.

So more versions, and more versions were done, and then mixed precisely. My friend Cheryl, an acupuncturist, and I, a hands-on healer for over twenty years, spent hours in treating, looking for that mix that placed one in a particular healing state, not deep asleep and not out of body. At the very end of the process, we added vocal overtones of Om to give the music more warmth, richness with the human voice. If you listen quietly you will hear the om and you may even want to chant it as well. The om was balanced with the deep sounds of the synthesized music to produce a sound that is deeply healing.

The result is A Cd that we believe is a treat and a treatment. Listening to the Reiki music-only for an hour on a massage table, while waiting for an acupuncture treatment, Cheryl and I verified that my pulses balanced as much as a they did with my usual acupuncture treatment.

The Heavenly Body Reiki Treatment Cd1 is a grounded version, the Heavenly Body Music-Only CD2 is very balanced. The Lord's Prayer traditional version Blessed Body CD1 has a lighter heart vibration, the vocal is higher in the mix; the Blessed Body CD2 is the same.

Much thought and time was put into the healing aspect of the music. If you tend to worry when under stress and do more, I wold recommend the Heavenly Body version. If you are more traditional or tend to get angry under stress, I would recommend the Blessed Body version.

So give yourself up to the music and words of the Lord's Prayer and see the results for yourself. Helpful treatment suggestions are included in the cover insert.

Please feel free to write me at with any comments or questions, interest in healing classes or testimonials - How this CD has been for you. I would love to hear from you.

- Marsha