Healing with
The Lord's Prayer
and Reiki  

Music Inspired by Gregorian Chant


Relax and renew with the spiritual gift of the healing power of the Lord's Prayer and Reiki.

Help yourself get well with a heavenly body treatment for stress relief. 2 hands healing.

CD1 - Heavenly Body Treatment
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Give yourself a guided hands-on healing prayer for stress reduction and rejuvenation.
Hands-on Healing combined with soothing music enables you to listen deeply to the eternal truths of our Lord¹s Prayer. The Spoken words and synthesized music, balanced with vocal overtones, creates beautiful sound and healing. This is natural holistic healing at its best.

In this Self-healing Treatment you will receive:

  • Precise hand placements for a healing meditation
  • Information and affirmation at each hand position
  • Deep prayer for inner healing - we recite the King James and a modern rendition of the Prayer
  • Music inpspired by Gregorian Chant - true vibrational healing - seven different melodies were developed to specifically relax and revitalize the body and mind.

Then Enjoy the long term health benefits
of the Music Only CD2

[Listen to a Sample]
Playing in at home or work or treating yourself using the reiki instructions in the cover insert, will assist you in a reiki healing.

The synthesized music balanced with vocal overtones of Om is a treatment and a treat.

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