Healing with The Lord's Prayer

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  What is Reiki?
Reiki is a healing system that activates and sustains Universal Life Energy. Surprisingly, there are several histories of Reiki and its founder, Dr. Usui; all contain spiritual truths. For Dr. Usui, a 19th century Christian Minister, read Reiki: Universal Life Energy by Baginski and Sharamon. For Dr. Usui, a Tibetan Buddhist, read Reiki: The Legacy of Dr. Usui by Frank Petter. All say that Dr. Usui, through his study of scriptures and personal enlightenment, came to understand that particular sounds and symbols activate Universal Healing Energy. He transmitted this power through a process called attunements. Attunements are given by Reiki Masters all over the world. They are permanent. Each level of Reiki builds on the previous level.

Developing the Music
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Level I - You receive four attunements granting you greater healing power. You learn the history and art of Reiki Healing, how to facilitate full body treatments on yourself and others, and the Reiki Precepts - ethical principles of Reiki.
Level ll - You receive the second-level attunement to further open the heart chakra. You learn how to use the sounds and symbols in treatments, in absentee healing, in psychotherapeutic techniques, and in daily life.
Level III - You receive the third-level attunement, which connects you most deeply to your being, the source of Reiki/Universal Life Energy. You move further along a path of personal self-mastery and gain the ability to pass on these attunements and your knowledge of Reiki to others. Teaching supervision is usually required.

Suggestions for Treatment CD1

1. Use this CD for Spiritual Alignment. Thoughts and feelings may not be
the same from one day to the next. Be patient. Some days you might treat
yourself and other days not, allowing important time for integration.
2. Don't do a position if it causes you discomfort. Instead do another area.
If need be, use pillows to prop up your elbows and place pillows under
your knees.
3. Use your intuition. Pick the hand position that feels best for the day.
Crossed hands intensify the energy. Right over left draws energy out, left
over right directs energy in. One hand above the other treats the center of
the body, and one hand on each side, fingers in the middle, treats the sides.
4. After each section of the Lord's Prayer you may continue reciting the
Lord's Prayer or simply relax and listen. You may also wish to chant Om.
5. Allow your mind to drift from music to words. Your subconscious hears
the message whether or not you consciously hear every word.
6. These self-treatments are not intended as a substitute for medical care.

Suggestions for Music Only CD2

1. To release the energy of the central spinal column, place one hand on
your pelvic bone and the other hand on your throat or heart. An alternative is
to place one hand below the waist or the naval and the other on your heart.
2. To balance your right and left sides, place your left hand on your right
hip and the right hand over your left ribs or heart, and then vice versa.
3. To enhance movement, place hands under the bones you sit on. Alternate:
leave one hand, place other hand directly above it, in the front, opposite hip
bone. Reverse.
4. To work on an area that needs healing, cup your hands over your eyes,
then on each side of your head, then the back of your head, and then go to
that area.

Original Soundtrack
by Kristopher Stone