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  Healing with the Lordís Prayer & Reiki
to Music Inspired by Gregorian Chant
2 CD Set


  Healing with the Lordís Prayer and Reiki - King James & Modern Versions
Heavenly Body Treatment CD1 & Music Only CD2

  Healing with the Lordís Prayer - King James Version
Blessed Body Treatment CD1 & Blessed Prayer/Music CD2
  The Original Reiki~Healing Yourself Treatment CDs & Audio Tapes    
  2 CD Set - Reiki~Healing Yourself Treatment CD1 & Music Only CD2 $29.95
  1 CD - Reiki~Healing Yourself Treatment $15.95  
  Reiki~Healing Yourself Treatment Tape $12.95
    Reiki~Healing Yourself Treatment Tape, Voice Intensified $12.95
  Reiki~Healing Yourself Music Only Tape $9.95
    2 Tape Set Gift Album - Reiki-Healing Yourself Treatment & Music Only $22.50

  Reiki~Healing Yourself & Others, A Photo-Instructional Art Book $24.95
A Photo-Instructional Art Book that clarifies, in poetry and prose, the basis of Reiki and methods of treating oneself and others. The book is graced with 35 Chinese paintings and over 180 precise luminous photos of the Reiki hand positions.

  Reiki Limited Edition Artistic Rubber Stamp Set - Set of 4 $28.95
You are guided through a Reiki hands-on treatment,
with 60 minutes of inspirational words and music that carry positive information about your mind and body, its glands, organs, and energy centers.


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by Kristopher Stone